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I help people start, run & grow profitable web consulting business.

About WebConsulting.com

For over a decade, we’ve been perfecting the art of running a 6-Figure Web Consulting business. Here you’ll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, our Story and Team.

Who we help

We help Web Designers, Developers, and Digital Marketers. We only work with founders fully committed to their success, with existing businesses making at least $5,000 /month. These businesses have all the raw materials necessary for 6-figure profits, but they need the structures, systems, teams, tools, and guidance on how to get there.

What we do

We help these founders achieve a 6-Figure business by becoming Web Consultants – an individual who makes $100k-300k/ per year with 1 product, 2-3 remote staff, happy clients, and a zen lifestyle. We do this through webconsulting.com mentorship programs. A program that aims to maximize: personal growth, profits, client results, and founder happiness. Our programs aim to minimize: Complexity and costs that triggers anxiety/overwhelm.

Our philosophy

"The Web Consultant" is the transformation that empowers webpreneurs to believe in themselves, develop a strong sense of identity, and acquire the necessary skills to achieve abundance, happiness, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. We adhere to a philosophy grounded in six fundamental principles to accomplish this.

1. Results - client results. The only thing that matters.
2. Focus - keep the main thing the main thing.
3. Simplicity - do more with less.
4. Discipline - doing the thing, no matter what.
5. Quality - create great things with intention.
6. Happy - otherwise, what’s the point.

Our story

Part 1 - You are fired!

It all started back in 2011 when I, Alejandro, got fired from my job. My wife and I were expecting twins and had no income. But a miracle happened when someone asked me if I could create a website. Despite having no prior experience, I took a leap of faith and said yes. I charged $500, which is how I started my web business. Through hard work and determination, I was able to provide for my growing family and turn my passion for web design into a successful career.

Part 2 - The shoes gotta go

As a web consultant, I had the pleasure of working with a diverse clientele, from small business owners to professional athletes. One of them, Brandon Marshall, changed my life. After I was invited to launch his foundation, I realized I needed to pay more attention to my wardrobe, as I used to wear sneakers and Holyster shirts. I did my best by wearing a collared shirt and trousers, but Brandon commented on my outfit during the night. He said, "A-rod, you look good, but those shoes gotta go." From that point forward, I learned the importance of dressing as the person I wanted to become; this led me to start an online shoe brand, Caballero Wear, where I helped men become the best versions of themselves.

Part 3 - A bigger purpose

In 2016, I helped a friend quit Uber to start his own web business. Seeing the difference I was able to make in his life, I wanted to help more people. So I invested in a mentor to teach me how to do it. With his guidance, I enrolled my first 7 beta students for my program, ranging from Graphic Designers, Web Designers, and people with no prior experience. This was to ensure that I could help and deliver results before launching the program to the public. And that's how WC Foundation was born.

Part 4 - My hidden superpower

Eager to test the limits of my entrepreneurial potential, I invested in a footwear factory and launched my own online shoe brand. With the help of my team, we rapidly scaled our online store to generate half a million dollars in sales. However, my ambitions continued beyond there - I also continued my web consulting business and pursued my mentorship program simultaneously. While learning a lot, I soon realized that juggling too many endeavors were taking a toll on me mentally and physically. It wasn't until I saw a doctor and was diagnosed with ADHD that I understood the root cause of my struggle to focus and manage my time. My diagnosis was a turning point, realizing that with great power comes great responsibility; I had to do something radical if I wanted to truly excel.

Part 5 - Focus

After learning about ADHD and mental health, I decided to take massive action and exit my other businesses to focus only on my mentorship program, as it's been the most fulfilling out of all the companies I've done. Having one thing to focus on is a massive deal, as I've never done that before. webconsulting.com is the perfect platform for me. It allows me to combine my passion for entrepreneurship and helping people with my personal experiences of business, art, design & ADHD. Currently, I am made it my life's mission to help others start and grow profitable 6-figure web consulting businesses while embracing their hidden superpowers.

Our team

We’re a small fully-remote team, consisting of 3 people.

Alejandro Rodriguez

CEO & Founder
Creates content, helps clients, and leads the business.

Brittany Rodriguez

Manages the day-to-day operations, and helps clients.

Linda Espinosa

Executive Assistant
Administrative support & day-to-day operations.

Our team

We’re a fully-remote, multidisciplinary team of 6 people.

Full Name

Founder & Attorney

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Full Name

Founder & Attorney

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Full Name

Founder & Attorney

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