The best way to sell websites is by NOT selling websites…

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In our last post, we discussed the concept of a “Take My Money” offer.

If we missed that one, I added it in our Skool community and recommend to read it first.

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As web designers, it’s crucial for us to understand that our offer is NOT our fulfillment.

Let’s explain…

Our fulfillment is what we do…

We build websites using tools like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

Or perhaps we are fancy, and we make them from scratch using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

We ensure they function properly, like updating platforms, installing apps, plugins, managing integrations, databases, etc.

All of this describes our fulfillment mechanism, and possessing this knowledge makes us experts.

However, let’s stay focused!

Our “offer” should talk about the result of our fulfillment, NOT the fulfillment mechanism itself.

Many web designers confuse the two, leading to challenges in acquiring high-quality clients because we are now competing in a commoditized market, where everyone makes websites.

And we hear things like:

“I’ve found cheaper options on freelance platforms like Upwork or Freelancer.”

“I know someone who can do it for a fraction of the price.”

“I’m not convinced your services justify the higher price compared to other options.”

“I’ve received quotes from other designers that are much lower than yours.”

“I’ve seen templates online that I can use for a fraction of the cost.”

Sometimes, they won’t even say that; instead, we hear…

“Send me a proposal.”

Only to then get ghosted after that…

And worst of all, instead of saying NO, we find ourselves having to take on odd projects that create anxiety over profit.

Everyone talks about their websites, their WordPress, their packages, their services, their hosting…

Blah blah blah blah…

This is the most significant misconception blocking us, as web designers, from expanding our business and landing high-quality clients every month.

If we don’t grasp this distinction now, nothing we do to get clients will work in the long term.

I have the battle scars to prove it.

We must stop talking about our underwear…

Nobody cares… it’s weird… It doesn’t serve us.

So, what should we do instead?

Once we are fully on board and understand that an Offer and Fulfillment Mechanism are two completely different things…

The most obvious next step is to craft an Offer…

Specifically, we need to ensure it’s an offer that people will feel silly saying no to.

In the next post, I’ll share how we think about an offer to make sure we have people begging us to work with them instead of having to chase people around.

See you tomorrow!

Create a great day!


P.S Are you clear on the difference between Offer and Fulfillment? Would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy, I am here to help.